About us

Crown Pointe Preschool is an educational ministry of Crown Pointe Church, established in 2017.

Crown Pointe Preschool is dedicated to providing an academic program that equips children academically, emotionally and socially for Kindergarten,

while integrating Christian character and biblical truths into every area of learning and life.  

Our purpose

Crown Pointe Preschool promotes the development of the total child.

Since children are developmentally different, we feel that each child deserves the opportunity to develop at his or her own pace with a curriculum that is adaptable to meet individual needs.

Our staff of teachers and classroom assistants create a nurturing environment that stimulates learning, permits social interaction,

and develops a feeling of security and self-confidence.

Academically, students will gain phonetic and early reading skills, introductory mathematics and science skills,

as well as handwriting and fine motor enhancement.

Classroom learning is enriched by music and physical education, arts and crafts, educational learning centers, 

creative play, socialization, field trips, story times, free play indoors and outdoors.

Our Philosophy

It is our philosophy that children be encouraged to learn and grow by providing a foundation of developmentally appropriate

experiences where all children can succeed in a safe and nurturing environment.

We believe that each child is a unique individual and that all children can learn.

Our preschool program provides inclusive settings that recognize children's varied abilities, interests, needs, and learning styles.

Our academic program reflects the integration of physical, cognitive, social, emotional, language and self-help areas

for the total development of the child.

Meaningful activities encourage curiosity, discovery and problem solving which allows individual growth and

development of a positive self-image.

Yearly Activities

Special preschool activities include:

Back to School Night - August

Grandparent's Day - September

Pumpkin Patch - October

Thanksgiving Feast - November

Christmas Program - December

Valentine's Party - February

Spring Fieldtrip - April

End-of-Year Program & Graduation Ceremony - May

On-site Experiences (fire/ambulance/police departments) and Off-site Field Trips

Crown Pointe Preschool is inspected yearly by the

Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services Section for Child Care Regulation for License-Exempt Child Care Facility.

Crown Pointe Preschool is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.