At Crown Pointe Kids, we recognize that every child matters to God, so they matter to us! Our primary goal is to help students connect to God in relationship with Christ, and equip them to be life-long followers of Jesus. Here are some things you might want to know about our weekly programs:


    Royal Rangers & MPact Girls Ministry are our boys & girls small group discipleship classes for all ages, and take place at 9am each Sunday. These programs are similar to Boy/Girl Scouts; however have a Biblical emphasis included in each lesson.

  • Early Childhood

    Kid’s Church at 10am is for all ages as well. The Toddlers & Preschool students have a smaller group setting in their individual classrooms with a rotation learning system that teaches Biblical Stories and principles in an age appropriate and exciting way. 


    Elementary Students are in the main Kids Church Auditorium upstairs. This is an exciting, high energy service including worship, puppets, live action characters, video and media learning tools, and an age appropriate sermon from Pastor Jon or Alicia.  The classic “boys vs. girls competition” is still alive and well in Crown Pointe Kids Church and your students will be very excited about their opportunities to receive points for their teams! This happens by:


    1) bringing their bibles, 

    2) attending Night Church, 

    3) attending Rangers/MPact & JBQ clubs, 

    4) bringing offering, 

    5) bringing a visitor, 

    6) returning the family devotional with a parent signature, and most importantly participating in the service.  

    Also one of the ways we reward good behavior is with a “quiet seat prize”. This is chosen by our adult leaders by choosing a student that is quiet when they are supposed to be quiet, loud and engaged when they are supposed to be loud. It is unfortunately not a perfect science in selecting these so it leads many times for a good discussion that life (& Kid’s church) are unfortunately not always fair. 


    Junior Bible Quiz (JBQ) is our scripture memorization and biblical doctrine quiz program that meets at 5pm Sunday during the school year (Between Labor day to Memorial day approximately). This program plants the Word in the hearts of the students while preparing them to participate in quiz matches with students from other churches. 


    CLASSES TEMPORARILY NOT MEETING: Night Church is our Wednesday boys & girls program with a short large group service, followed by small group mentorship classes for all ages, and takes place each Wednesday at 7pm. These programs are an echo of the lesson the students learned Sunday In Kid’s Church, to reemphasize it deeper and offer bible bucks, prizes, and incentives for retention of the lesson. 


PARENT CONNECT is the best way to stay informed with what's happening at CROWN POINTE KIDS. 

It's packed with helpful information and a weekly devotional for you to follow as a family. 

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